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Regular ski / board tuning keeps your ski & snowboard equipment in good shape and ensures each run you take down the hill brings more enjoyment for you!


With excellent tuning, the performance of your ski/board can be adjusted to your skiing or boarding ability and needs. Inform our trained Wintersteiger service technician which skiing/riding style you prefer, what terrain you like best and whether any other concerns you may have can easily be adjusted for the perfect tune.

Just like your car, your ski and snowboard equipment needs maintenance and servicing. There are many factors that come into play as to how often your equipment needs some love. It is all dependent on the snow conditions, the terrain you ski and your level of ability as to how often you should have your equipment serviced. However, major base or edge damage should be repaired immediately and the bases waxed regularly.

Our family's extensive racing background gives us the knowledge and expertise leaving you with nothing but the best. We specialise in the set up of new race ski's, special race structures and the fastest race tunes for your next competition. 


We recommend servicing your equipment:

1. Prior to the first outing in winter.

2. About every 4 days out on the slopes,

    unless noticeable base or edge damage has occurred.

3. And at the end of the season.


No downtime on the slopes? Tuning or repairs to your skis or snowboard equipment can be carried out overnight. Just drop your skis or snowboard off before 6:00 pm and they will be ready for you to pick up first thing the next morning.

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The Grimus Ski Centre has invested in performance, modern high-tech machinery from WINTERSTEIGER guaranteeing perfect bases and precise edges.

Manual tuning is possible, However, as a leader in performance and quality we have invested in the latest modern high-tech robot machinery which guarantees perfect bases and precise edges. Our Wintersteiger Robotic tuning machine from Austria is a world leader in service bringing life back to your equipment giving you confidence on the slopes.

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